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Welcome to Lommabuktens Sailing Club LBS and Lomma harbour

Lommabuktens Seglarklubb ("Lomma Bay Sailing Club") welcomes visiting yachts.

Guest spots in Lomma harbour are located in the guest harbour at the library at the end of the river on the starboard side before the bridge, alternatively you can select any of the vacant green-marked spots on the south side of the river and in the new harbour basin south-west of the clubhouse.

In or within easy walking distance of the harbour there are a shop for boat equipment, a shipyard with diesel (also EcoPar environmental friendly diesel) at quay during regular opening hours, grocery stores, fish shop, deli-shops, ice cream factory, bakeries, hardware/paint/ electricity shop (with gas), pharmacy, health center, opticians, ATMs, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, kiosks, "systembolaget" (wine, beer, spirits), hairdressers, gift shops etc. Petrol station about 2 km away(at E6 motorway exit). Windsurfing / Kite surfing about 1.5 km. Good bus connections with Malmö, Lund, Bjärred etc.

  • Information about shops, restaurants and more - Lommastråket's website
  • Restaurants near Lomma Harbour - TripAdvisor
  • Excellent swimming facilities with long, nice child-friendly sandy beach north of the harbour inlet and 2 bathing bridges on the south pier in the harbour.

Information and a harbour sketch are also available in the white mailboxes on the docks.

Harbour fee is to be paid at the wendings machine (credit card only) on the north side of the clubhouse immediately upon arrival. Put the receipt on the boat visible from the key. Unpaid fee = double fee when checking.

Guest harbour fees / day for LBS spots in Lomma harbour for the season 2019:

Boat length <8 m 180 SEK
Boat length 8-10 m 210 SEK
Boat length 10-12 m 230 SEK
Boat length> 12 m 260 SEK

Please contact harbour staff on 0700-79 15 98 (June-August) or the office if anything is unclear or if you have any other questions. See here for the office opening hours.

Harbour view (click to enlarge)

Lomma harbour 2018

LBS Harbour

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Lommabuktens SK - Segling
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23421 Lomma

Ankarplatsen 1
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Tel: 040413016, 0707411310
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